What websites do Chinese people like

In China, many people no longer enjoy using websites, but instead use various software apps.

For example, recently, many Tiktok has ranked first in downloading in China, and it is also the second mobile app for the users of Daily Life after WeChat.

In addition, there are many apps in China, such as Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, etc. for shopping. In addition to Tiktok, Kwai WeChat video account, short videos, Zhihu Xiaohong is also a gathering place for users.

There are various apps on our end that correspond to them in China, but it does not mean that website pages have been completely abandoned, and some uses still use web pages.

For example, Tiktok can’t be used as Baidu completely. Many people still use search engines to search for some content.

For example, many pirated video websites and pirated novel websites still have many users because legitimate ones require money or membership.

I also found a very good website Zhengbaodian, which Chinese people refer to as a private photo album for married men. It is a true treasure, and there are many pictures of beautiful women from the East, which are in line with Chinese aesthetics.